Victoria Blatterman

When people think about Victoria Blatterman, there is sometimes the tendency to think she is all about the work, but she is not all work and no play. Victoria Blatterman spends as much free time as possible on the water near Charleston. As an avid sailor and racer, she is a longtime member of the Transpacific Yacht Club. Victoria has also taught sailing over the past ten years, and she has even coached several racing teams.

These days, Victoria can be found assisting attorneys and clients as a law clerk with Charleston. South Carolina law firm, George Sink, PA Injury Lawyers. She seems to have found her groove working in the legal field and she loves working with a firm that works hard to fight for those who find themselves at a major disadvantage through no fault of their own. It is Victoria Blatterman’s firm belief that when someone has been seriously injured due to someone else’s negligence, the victim shouldn’t have to pay to get well again. Instead, that should be the responsibility of the negligent party who caused the accident in the first place. Victoria works hard to assist accident victims with finding doctors and others who can work to make sure they are made whole again.

Besides finding the right doctors and other professionals the accident victim needs to get well, Victoria Blatterman and the attorneys at her firm also try to get compensation from the negligent party or parties to make up for lost wages and to pay to fix many other problems that injured parties suffer, both physical and and emotional. In short, Victoria understands that accident victims need plenty of competent legal help to make them whole, so she does what she can to help.